BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy

At Middlesex Community College, we believe technology is crucial to modern teaching and learning, and therefore an expected component of college education. For this reason, MCC has adopted a college-wide policy in order to utilize technology for in-person as well as online classes.

BYOD (or, Bring Your Own Device) refers to a policy where students bring their own portable computers (laptops, tablets) to their in-person classes for the purpose of learning. Similarly, online students would have their own computer at home to use for their studies. All students taking classes that meet partly or completely on campus would need a mobile (portable) device versus a desktop computer.

Each student’s device will need to access the College network and Internet. Therefore, just as at every college, MCC students are not only expected to use the network responsibly but also to abide by the MCC user agreement policy for Computers and Electronic Devices. Student use of the College network is monitored and logged to ensure compliance with the responsible use policy.

Students may wish to consult their individual departmental major for specific recommendations, but in general, suitable BYOD Devices include desktop computers (if your courses are 100% online) or mobile technology such as laptops of any type or tablets of at least 8” screen size. Phones of any kind are not acceptable as an in-class or online technology device.

Minimum Technical Specifications

Windows 7 or higher, web camera and microphone.

Connecting your Device

Help guides are available for connecting to the network. Step-by-step screenshots within these guides make the process quite simple to work through but any questions can be directed to our Technology Center service desk.

Device Security

It is the responsibility of device owners to ensure that devices are secure by installing anti-malware software and maintaining regular system updates. Unsecured devices may not be able to connect to MCC network. Assistance with this can be provided at the help desks on campus or online.

Technical Support for your Device

All maintenance for your device, including software installations and updates and apps purchased will be the students’ responsibility. Staff at the Tech center will be able to offer help connecting to the network and can assist with other general troubleshooting queries, but the College cannot provide support for complex problems with students’ specific devices.

Last Modified: 2/7/24