Laptop & Mobile Device Policy

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Middlesex Community College
Laptop Computer and Mobile Device Use Agreement

Middlesex Community College (MCC) may provide a computer, and/or a mobile device, and/or similar equipment to Employees for the purpose of performing job related tasks specific to academic instruction, research, business operations, emergency management, and/or other duties as deemed appropriate by the sole discretion of MCC. Each Employee receiving any devices must read and sign this document upon receipt of equipment.

Employee Responsibilities

  1. Employees are assigned a laptop/mobile and similar devices for the purpose of performing duties directly related to the business of MCC. Laptops/mobile devices shall not be used by non-employees and are not intended for any non-College business.
  2. MCC employees who have permission to work with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Data as provided in are not permitted to download files containing such information to the local hard drive of a laptop, mobile device, iCloud or any other similar storage device.
  3. Employees are responsible for all data stored on the hard drive of the laptop in terms of security and back up. The Technology Center recommends saving all files to the H: drive of the network for automatic backup. Files stored on an iPad can be backed up to the iCloud.
  4. Any use of College equipment or devices by Employees shall strictly adhere to the College's Computer and Network Usage Policy.
  5. Laptops and mobile devices will, in most circumstances, be loaded with a standard suite of approved software and security applications installed by the College. An employee shall not in any way modify or disable these software or security applications without written approval from the Technology Center.
  6. It is the Employee's responsibility to deliver the laptop and mobile device to a designated location for updates upon notification from the Technology Center staff.
  7. MCC laptops and mobile devices are covered by standard, limited warranty, which may cover replacement of defective hardware parts. This warranty does not cover drops, falls, electrical surges, liquids spilled on the units, fire damage, intentional damage, normal wear and tear, lost parts (power units) or consumables (batteries). In the event of damage or malfunction, it is the Employee's responsibility to report the matter within two (2) business days and return the device to the Technology Center for repair or replacement.
  8. In the case of theft of College issued equipment, the employee shall immediately notify his/her supervisor and the Technology Center and if requested by the College, the employee must file a police report and provide a copy of the report to his/her supervisor.
  9. Employees are responsible for taking reasonable precautions to protect and maintain MCC laptops and mobile devices. Evidence of misuse or abuse of a laptop or mobile device may result in the revocation of the employee's use of such equipment or device but any such action will be consistent with any governing collective bargaining agreement as applicable. Additionally, employees may be responsible for the loss of value associated directly with any intentional misuse or abuse.
  10. MCC laptops are not to leave the U.S., except on approved College related business.
  11. In the event that an employee's employment ends at Middlesex Community College, the employee shall return the equipment no later than their last day of employment.
  12. Laptops, mobile devices, and similar equipment are provided at the sole discretion of the College. Budgets, costs, needs of MCC, individual duties, etc. may determine which employees are provided such equipment.

Technical Center Responsibilities

  1. The College may equip all computers with encryption protections and provide periodic security protection up-dates as determined to be appropriate.
  2. Employees assigned a laptop computer and/or a mobile device may contact the Technology Center Service Desk for assistance (ext.3301 or
  3. The Technology Center may provide a replacement computer and/or a mobile device, if one is available, in the event of a need for repair of the assigned equipment.
Last Modified: 2/7/24