Technology Services Catalog

Use these forms to request a planned service.

College Directory Updates

See the College Directory Updates Form to submit your information/change your information in the Online College Directory

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Event Equipment Request

See the Event Equipment Request Form to request media equipment for an event.

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Office Technology Move Request Form

See the Office Technology Move Request Form to request assistance relocating office computers, monitors, printers, and phones.

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Printer Toner Request Form

See the Printer Toner Request Form to request toner for a laser printer on campus.

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SARS Anywhere Access Request

See the SARS Anywhere Access Request Form to request a SARS Anywhere User Account or to Change/Update a SARS Anywhere User Account

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Sharepoint Website Request Form

See the SharePoint Website Request Form to request a SharePoint website for a department or a division, a committee, or any kind of project workgroup. Enter the word "SharePoint" in the Purpose or Content fields on the form.

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Software Request for Classrooms

See the Software Request for Classrooms Form to request that software be installed in a Computer Classroom or Lab.

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Student Website Space

See the Student Website Space Form to request space on the student web server. Your students will be able to use their MCC accounts to FTP files to the server and view them over the web.

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Telephone Services Request Form

See the Telephone Services Request Form to:

  • Request for New Phone Extension/Voicemail: To request a new telephone extension and/or voicemail account.
  • Reassign Phone Extension: For reassigning a telephone number to another person.
  • Request for Phantom Voicemail: To create a voice mail account for a user without a physical telephone.
  • Auto-Attendant Request form: For multiple voice mail/announcement boxes on the same telephone extension.
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Technology Center-Technical Services Request (Access Change or Disable)

See the Technology Center-Technical Services Request Form to provision current employees with additional services or disable access to services no longer needed. This form must be filled out by Current Faculty or Staff and signed by their supervisors, then returned to the Technology Center Service Desk.

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Technology Center-Technical Services Request-For New Employees

See the Technical Services Request For New Employees Form to provision computer access for new employees. This form must be signed by the employee and supervisor and sent to the Technology Center Service Desk.

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Web Site Request Form (Omni CMS)

See the Web Site Request Form to request a new web site shell be created in the Omni Content Management System, which is used to host all content on the College website.

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Last Modified: 9/22/21