2015 Telephone Replacement Information

The telephone system across all of the college is being replaced on Saturday, September 26,2105. The cutover will begin at 3pm after the college is closed. The system will be offline from approximately 4pm - 5pm. During that time calls will not be able to be sent or received at MCC.

In the event of an emergency, MCC Security may be reached in Lowell at 781-589-01384 and in Bedford at 781-589-0234.

The new standard of telephone service will be what is known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Some of your phones are already on this standard and do not need to be replaced. The majority, however, will be replaced.

The Technology Center will be placing as many new handsets on desks as possible. Those that do not get placed during the week, will be added over the weekend. These sets will not be active until the cutover to the new system. For a short period, you may see 2 handsets on your desk.

Training and Reference Materials:

 -- Download the Telephone Training Guide.

 -- Training Videos, here and here.

 -- Download the new voice mail guide, "Getting Started with Exchange Unified Messaging"

Telephone Handset "Train the Trainer" Attendee's
August, 2015

The following MCC employees attended Telephone Handset Training with the understanding that they would be asked to provide training for their departments. Please feel free to contact a trainer near you.

list of telephone trainers

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