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Effective January 2022:  All students (including non-credit students enrolled in any on-campus courses or off-site clinical) will be required to provide Middlesex Community College proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to coming on-campus.  More info will follow on the documentation process for non-credit students.  

Teacher Professional Development Courses

Earn 15 points towards your licensure or recertification for K-12.  Certificate awarded upon completion.  Questions about PDP points please email:

Understanding Islam, Practices and Culture
This elective course will focus on the basic introduction to the religion of Islam and practices. Through lectures, reading assignments, lively discussions, and videos, we will learn about the main five pillars of Islam, teaching of the holy book Qur’an, the life of the last Prophet Muhammad, forms of worship, food, clothing, and two main Islamic holidays celebrated around the world. Take away from this course will be to better understand Muslims, their practices, bring cultural awareness, and how to work alongside with them during the challenging times of Islamophobia.  (16.5 hours) $199 This course is eligible for Professional Development Points (PDP) towards K-12 licensure and re-certification. 

9/15 - 12/15            5:30pm - 7:00pm        Thursday
Lowell Cowan Center, room 114
Course Number: CAR 964 30    CRN: 18262
Professor: KHALIFA

Experience Indian Culture
Experience the Indian culture! This class is for anyone who is looking to learn more and experience the Indian culture by doing. Topics covered in this class will be languages, cultural values, arts, music, dancing, food, clothing and fashion. In addition, holidays and celebration will be covered. The final class will culminate with a multi-cultural day where students are able to share slides from their culture, a fashion show will take place and other presentations. (16.5 hours) $199 This course is eligible for Professional Development Points (PDP) towards K-12 licensure and re-certification. 

09/15-12/15              3:30pm - 5:00pm     Thursday
Lowell Cowan Center, room 114
Course  Number:  PER  592 80          CRN: 18361
Professor: KHALIFA


MTEL Test Preparation

Course Dates: September 1 - December 31, 2022
Cost: $115 per class
MTEL classes are not eligibile for tuition waivers.

To register: Please call 1-800-818-3434. Upon completion of registration, please email

All MTEL classes are web based and offered in a self-paced, self-study format through the Blackboard. This means that you are taking the class at your own pace and schedule with access to an instructor for any questions or assistance. To learn more about Blackboard and online learning at MCC

All MTEL classes test you for a particular field. Please see the list of fields below so you are able register for the right To see full course descriptions click here.

All MTEL classes are taught by Dr. Daniel Svenconis.

MTEL Test Prep-General Science (Field 64)
CourseNumber:CAR954 75          CRN: 18260

MTEL Test Prep-Middle School Humanities (Field 50)
CourseNumber:CAR961 75          CRN: 18249

MTEL Test Prep-Communication & Literacy (Field 01) 
CourseNumber:CAR602 75          CRN: 17176

MTEL Test Prep- Foundations of Reading (Field 90)
CourseNumber:CAR635 75          CRN: 17177

MTEL Test Prep- General Curriculum Multi-Subject (Field 03)
CourseNumber:CAR858 75          CRN: 17178

MTEL Test Prep-Math Skill Builder (Fields 03, 09, 47, 53)
CourseNumber:CAR859 75          CRN: 17179

MTEL Test Prep- English as a Second Language (Field 54)
CourseNumber:CAR878 75          CRN: 17187

MTEL Test Prep- History (Field 06)
CourseNumber:CAR894 75          CRN: 17511

MTEL Test Prep- English (Field 07)
CourseNumber:CAR897 75          CRN: 17551

MTEL Test Prep - Early Childhood (Field 02)
CourseNumber:CAR904 75          CRN: 17967

MTEL Test Prep - Political Science (Field 48)
CourseNumber:CAR910 75          CRN: 17969

MTEL Test Prep - Business (Field 19)
CourseNumber:CAR932 75          CRN: 18104

MTEL Test Prep - Vocational Technical Literacy (Fields 191, 192)
CourseNumber:CAR942 75          CRN: 18165

MTEL Test Prep - Adult Basic Education (Field 55)
CourseNumber:CAR971 75          CRN: 14315

MTEL Test Prep - Reading Specialist (Field 08)
CourseNumber:CAR911 75          CRN: 18002

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