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New -  Making Diversity Training Work

Award-winning author and Senior Organizational Development Consultant Laura Kangas will share insights from over 25 years of successful international consulting on how to make diversity training work. This interactive workshop will take an honest, practical, and realistic look at what research has shown does not work, and what does help support real and long-term successful change in diversity, equity, and inclusion work for all types of organization - big and small, profit and non-profit, across all industries.  Workshop will include self-reflection, small group sharing, stories from real organizations, and a spirit of learning from each other in the most positive ways. Participants will have opportunities to strengthen their skills in DEI leadership through various exercises. This workshop combines current research with effective practices and experiences in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion today. The workshop offers the chance to deepen DEI understanding in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. (7 hours) $179

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Course Number: CAR 833 30      
Professor: KANGAS

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