Other Personal Enrichment

A Homeowner's Guide to Selecting Paint Colors
This fun and interactive class provides an introduction to selecting interior and/or exterior paint colors for your home. You’ll learn how to read the undertones of paintcolors, address challenges in selecting the right shades and get ideas for incorporating color to enhance the overall design, look and feel of your home. Bring your questions, as well as photos of your interior and exterior designs, and you’ll leave with confidence in how to approach the selection of paint colors for your next project. Instructor Sue O’Connell, a Boston based Architectural Color Consultant, has worked on numerous residential projects, selecting color schemes for a variety of architecture. $50

Wednesday evening, November 1
7:00pm to 8:30pm
Buidling: Henderson Hall, room 115

CourseNumber:  PER583 30          CRN: 18410                  Professor: O’CONNELL

Interior Design 101
Learn how to design like a pro.  This course will teach you how to choose paint color for the home.  Redesign a space with existing furniture and using pieces you already own.  How to incorporate charming and heirloom items into a new room design without the space looking dated.  Repurposing furniture and learning how to measure a room for proper furniture size including the topic of proper size area rugs to use in a space.  Lighting is another design element that will be addressed, size, and placement.  How to measure for window treatments, fabrics, scale and custom vs. ready- made.  Design theory, furniture placement and how to design a room from scratch. (6 hours) $379 
Taught by Debbe Daley of Debbe Daley Designs
Course Number: PER 999-75     CRN  18208
Tuesday evenings, September 19 to October 31
6:00pm - 7:00pm
Online with class meeting times
No class on October 17   

Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping
This introductory course will give an overview and will prepare you for the excitement and challenges of backyard beekeeping in New England. We will cover bee culture and society, tools and equipment, establishing your first hives, hive management, the harvesting process and potential cash flow streams from bees. (10 hours) $109
Wednesday, September 20 to October 18
6:00pm - 8:00pm             
Building: Henderson Hall, room 112
CourseNumber:PER946 30          CRN: 18323                  Professor: WEISMAN

Theatre and Community
This course will provide an overview of Augusto Boal’s use of theatre as a tool for transformation. It intends to be a lab in which students will be engaged in experiencing theatre as a vehicle for personal and social change. It will include interactive games and exercises, storytelling and image theatre. This course is intended for anyone interested in exploring themselves and the community in which we live. It is particularly appropriate for students, activists, community organizers, group facilitators, teachers, social workers, community leaders, psychotherapists, and theatre artists, among others. No theatre background required. (18 hours) $205
Saturday, October 7 to December 9                             
10:00am - 12:00pm           
Building: Henderson Hall, room 111
Course Number: PER 632 75     CRN: 18429                  Professor: FISHER
No class 11/25


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