Attendance (Student Attendance Policy)

Although Middlesex does not have a uniform attendance policy, the Collective Bargaining Agreements require that instructors have an explicit attendance policy written in their syllabus. It is assumed that students will attend all class meetings, except in cases of reasonable extenuating circumstances. Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal from class.

While the attendance policy specifics will vary from course to course and instructor to instructor, the consequences of student absences should be made very clear. Students who miss more than four successive class hours, or a total exceeding six class hours, are unlikely to achieve a passing grade. Students should be made aware that in cases of emergency or illness causing extended absence or irregular attendance, they should contact their instructors. To the extent that excessive absence results in failure to complete assigned work or participate in classroom activities, students may be advised by their instructor to withdraw from the course. (For information about what to include in your syllabus, see Appendix B).

Class Lists

Class lists are always available to faculty through MiddleNet.

Room Assignments

Your room assignment will be indicated on your class list. Room assignments will also be posted in various locations on the campuses. We are very short on rooms; one that may seem empty could be reserved for a short-term course or a special event. Therefore, it is EXTREMELY important that you do not change classrooms or class meeting times without clearance.

More importantly to you, we need to be able to locate you in case of an emergency.  Requests after three weeks into the semester should be addressed to the Student Information Center at 978-656-3226.

Last Modified: 8/4/23