Grade Submission

Mid-Semester Grades

Mid-semester grade notices are sent to students. The intent is to notify students of their academic status. The midterm grades are also forwarded to the students' academic advisors. They are not recorded on the student's official academic record. Mid-semester grades and final grades must be entered into MiddleNet.

Final Grades

Final grades must be submitted electronically using MiddleNet. Click here for instructions on how to input final grades. Late grades compromise the students' registration, graduation and transfer. Day and evening faculty are notified of deadlines for submitting grades each semester.

Incomplete Grades

The grade "I" or Incomplete is recorded when, for reasons beyond their control, students miss a final examination or some part of the required coursework. Most instructors require students to notify them of the reason for their absence before awarding this grade. No quality points are awarded for an Incomplete. All Incomplete grades must be removed by completion of the necessary course requirements within the following semester. After that period, remaining incomplete grades will be converted to an "F" grade.

Grade Change

Grade changes may be submitted via an instructor’s official MCC email to For example, this procedure might follow the make-up of an incomplete grade, or in case of error. Please refer to the student handbook (click on Quick Links) for information about students’ right to appeal grades.



Last Modified: 5/13/24