Professional Development Activities and Funding


Prior approval is required for reimbursement of college-related travel expenses. Mandatory travel (e.g., to clinical sites) must be authorized by division deans. Discretionary travel requests (e.g., to attend conferences) are handled through the college-wide staff development process. Contact: Professional Development Office, Bedford Campus, South Academic Building, 781-280-3661 for application forms or log on to the MCC Portal and select Professional Development.

Grant Proposals

The Resource Development Office provides leadership and assistance to faculty and staff in researching and writing grant proposals that support new initiatives or strengthen college programs and services. Proposals are submitted to federal and state agencies, as well as to private corporations and foundations.

The college frequently partners with community or business organizations seeking grants to support workforce development, K-12 programs, or cultural, health, and social service activities. For further information, call the Office of Resource Development, 781-280-3580.


All full and part-time faculty and professional staff are eligible to apply for Perkins professional development funds after one year of employment at Middlesex. Applicants should discuss their proposed project with their department head or division dean. The Perkins Grant application and funding cycle is the same as for minigrants. Visit the Professional Development site to download the application form. For further information, call 781-280-3582.

Professional Development Funds

Full-time faculty, adjunct faculty (after one year's service), administrative, professional, classified and part-time staff are encouraged to apply for professional development grants. These grants provide full or partial funding support to: attend conferences, workshops, training programs; enroll in work-related or discipline-related course work; conduct research or pursue curriculum and materials development; present on-campus workshops with guest consultants; or engage in other activities that contribute to the individual's professional growth and the college's overall effectiveness.

Proposal Review and Funding Process for Professional Development Grants

A college-wide advisory committee comprised of members from each division and employee category reviews professional development proposals twice a month throughout the academic year. The committee may vote full or partial support for proposals.

The application requires complete details of the proposed activity or project. In order to be reviewed by the committee, proposals must be submitted on the formatted application form available from the Professional Development site.

Full reports or approved follow-up of all funded activities and projects are a requirement of each grant. For further information and applications, visit the website and download the forms, or contact the Professional Development office, 781-280-3661.


Last Modified: 8/4/23