Student Behavior

MCC is committed to ensuring a learning environment that is welcoming, productive, civil, and safe for students and instructors. Our Student Affairs team works with students and faculty alike to help foster student learning and success. Although the large majority of students behave appropriately, there are times when a student’s behavior may be disruptive to the learning environment, uncivil or inappropriate, or may cause concern about the students’ well-being and safety.

If a student behavior incident occurs, it is important that you work with the Student Affairs team. For all incidents and questions related to student behavior, access the“For Faculty/Staff” tab on the Dean of Students website:

Any incident that is of concern to you should be documented. Documentation should include the following information:

  • dates/times of the incident(s)
  • specific behaviors (without interpretation)
  • action taken (verbal warning, referral)
  • the student's response

If you are unsure how to handle a situation or your initial intervention was unsuccessful, consider completing a Student Assessment and Intervention (SAIT) Form, which will immediately be forwarded to a member of the SAIT team. You may also want to notify your supervisor/Division Dean.

If you’d like more information and training about working with challenging student behavior, the Dean of Students Office sponsors a variety of trainings each semester in collaboration with the Office of Professional Development. Please check the LENS calendar on the Professional Development webpage for a current schedule of workshops.

Last Modified: 2/18/24