Course Materials and Supplies

Choosing a Book/Course Materials

Unless otherwise specified by your department, you will choose the textbook and materials for your course. For help with choosing a book, contact your department chair.

Desk Copies

Most publishers will send faculty a free desk copy for each text they adopt. Desk copies should be ordered directly from the publisher using a form available from the division dean’s secretary. Many publishers accept telephone orders for desk copies. Accepting and retaining for personal use desk copies of textbooks not adopted is in violation of the state ethics laws. The bookstore does not provide desk copies to faculty without express permission from the division dean.

Ordering Books

The bookstores are located at the Campus Center in Bedford and on the ground floor of the Cowan Center in Lowell. Faculty may request current edition textbooks, software, and supplies for use as course materials. Meeting deadline dates for submitting textbook orders ensures that the books will be available at the Bedford or Lowell bookstore when needed.

Faculty are then responsible for communicating book requests to the bookstore which can be access via Blackboard and clicking on the Institution Page button. Faculty are encouraged to confirm that their books are in stock at their campus bookstore before classes begin and to advise their students to buy their books early, since the bookstore returns unsold books by mid-semester. 

Bookstore phone numbers: Bedford, 781-276-4210; Lowell, 978-322-8323.

Alternatives to Using a Book/Online Resources

Photocopying Class Materials

Faculty may drop off and pick up work themselves for a 1-2 day turn-around, or allow at least one week turn-around for materials sent and returned through interdepartmental mail. Photocopy request forms can be found here and must be attached to each request. It is recommended that faculty use the staffed copy center in Lowell to the extent possible.

Departmental administrative assistants can assist with providing photocopy access codes and supplies, such as paper or toner, or with simple machine malfunction, such as paper jams. Please notify the faculty secretary if a problem occurs with the copier. Students are not permitted to use photocopiers reserved for faculty.

Please visit the Copy Center website for the Copy Request form, locations and hours.

Bedford Copiers:

HH-Bldg. 3, 2nd and 3rd floors

AR-Bldg. 1, Room 115

NA-Bldg. 6, Copy Center, basement floor


Lowell Copiers:

Cowan Center, 5th floor

Derby, 4th floor

Federal, Third floor

Talbot, 5th floor, Room 518



Supplies can be requested from division administrative assistants. For supplies on the the Lowell campus, contact Carmen Pagan 5th Floor Cowan Center, or at 978-656-3156.  For items that are not on hand, they will provide a request for supplies form. Complete the form with the correct stock number, quantity, and description of items, and send it to the division dean or department head. Supplies are issued and delivered by the Facilities Management department.

Requests for money to pay guest speakers, rent films, purchase materials, etc. must be sent to your division dean. Please clear requests with your dean or program coordinator before making a purchase.

Last Modified: 5/13/24