FAQ - Student Support

A student has emailed me and asked me to change their grade. What is the process or procedure for this?

Please see the following checklist that students must follow regarding grade appeals: https://www.middlesex.mass.edu/deanofstudents/downloads/checklist512.pdf. After your student has contacted you, review your grades/the assigned grade. If you maintain that the grade entered is correct, let the student know this. If the student decides, he/she may continue to proceed with the process outlined in the checklist above.

I have a student who has been disrupting my class. What do I do?

MCC is committed to ensuring the best possible learning environment for students and instructors and disruptive classroom behavior is counterproductive at the least and can be upsetting to students and faculty. Make sure to document disruptive behavior and speak to the student regarding the behavior. If the behavior continues or an incident occurs, it is important that you work with our team. For all incidents and questions related to student behavior, access the Student Affairs Website.

Small Incidents: Document any incident that is of concern to you and/or seems to be an ongoing issue. Consider notifying your supervisor/Division Dean. Documentation should include the following information:

  • dates/times of the incident(s)
  • specific behaviors (without interpretation)
  • action taken (verbal warning, referral)
  • the student's response
  • the faculty/staff member's desired outcome

Document the incident here.

Students keep asking me about their financial aid. Where can I send them?

For all financial aid questions, please direct students to the Financial Aid Office. Financial Aid Counselors are available in the Financial Aid Offices on the Bedford and Lowell Campuses to help students complete the financial aid application process. The necessary forms are available MiddleNet, in the Financial Aid Office in Bedford in the EC-Bldg 9, and in the Cowan Center in Lowell on the third floor. For more information, please visit the MCC Financial Aid website or call the office in Bedford at 781-280-3650 or in Lowell at 978-656-3242.

I have a student who needs to take a make-up exam. How can I arrange this out of the classroom?

Where can I direct students who have general questions about the college?

For general questions about the college, you can direct them to this FAQ: https://www.middlesex.mass.edu/faq/default.aspx or you can view specific subjects, questions here.

Last Modified: 8/4/23